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This made me smile today.  IBM 101 keyboard model M.  Greatest keyboard ever because Slashdot says so.(LOL)  Well, it’s the only one I use at home and work and for gaming.   I have several more stashed away just in case even though they are pretty indestructible.

My bike as she looks and rides this fall.  Wrench, ride, repeat.  

#shovelhead riding in the #NM air
Saturday morning at the dreadlock rasta coffee shop.  A break before hitting the road.  
#beware a giant #spider guards this barn.
The boys sharing one of the new beds Patty made. #dogpack #snuggle
Sunshine #selfie with the #dogs

Hmm. Interesting.


Hmm. Interesting.

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Yes dear.

Yes dear.

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Friday Pin Ups and Ink

Because I’m old enough to remember.

I’m thinking this could work.
A sense of proportion.
#foster #greatdane showed up today
Hey pup